Footpoint Shoe Clinic Trail 10km Race

This was a fun little race. Highly recommended. The race starts next to an oval and for a couple of kilometers is on road and down a super steep street. Then it’s down to Balmoral beach and up onto the trail.

The course measured 9.3km on the garmin but who really cares.

I went into the race with completely dead legs so I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular. The previous years winner did 39.40 something so I had that in the back of my mind as a time to aim for.

We were crammed onto a pavement for the start. I was fairly near the front and the start was fairly frantic. Once out the oval we had to cross military road then it was downhill to the beach. At this stage I thought I would be chicked as I was struggling to shake Shone Stephenson (winner of GNW 100km). A very impressive runner. Somehow I managed to open up a little and I was soon in 4th place. 1st and 2nd were out of sight once I had got to the top of the stairs and 3rd place was an arms length in front until the last kilometre when he put in a surge.

Finished up thankful the race wasn’t the full 10km. Happy enough with my unofficial 39.14. The winner smashed it with a time starting with 35. Very impressive. Won himself a pair of Hokas in the process too.

Splits are as follows:

  1. 3.31
  2. 3.12
  3. 4.09
  4. 5.09
  5. 4.43
  6. 4.33
  7. 4.01
  8. 4.16
  9. 4.13

A pretty lame week for me. Had a couple of days off completely due to my man illness which finally seems to be gone. Just 70km in total. No point in forcing yourself out when I’ll though. It’s not that important.

Next week will be better. The objective is to run at least once in the morning. I’m not good at that at all so I need to get in the habit.

One thought on “Footpoint Shoe Clinic Trail 10km Race

  1. Nice run Ian. Sorry I didn’t get to meet you at the start. I love the course but its a shame you dont get to see the views while you are running it.

    Footpoint would have been cringing handing over a pair of Hokas to Vlad Shatrov who owns a running store in Bondi.

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