Roseville Repeats

Today I had planned on a tempo run around Centennial Park but as I set out my legs were just dead. No pep to them at all. So I thought id try something a little different and much closer to home.

A nice jog across Roseville Bridge and this was to be the start of my hill repeats. The objective was to run comfortably hard to the top (just passed the bottle shop) and then jog down for recovery. My legs were still feeling last Sundays downhill efforts so easy downhill was all I could handle anyway.

I didn’t look at the watch at all and just ran by feel hitting the lap button at the top and bottom. The reps were as followed: up (down)

6.46 (5.29)
6.49 (5.31)
6.51 (5.28)
6.34 (5.28) pushed the up and felt awful at the top
6.51 (5.35)
6.37 (5.28) threw up at the top – didn’t care as workout was over 🙂

After downloading the data it turns out the reps were 1.3km long with 78 metres of ascent. The ascent figures are a bit disappointing but it felt like a really good workout nonetheless.

All up 23km, 1000m elevation gain, 1hr 49 (4.44’s)






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