Still not quite right

I’ve had the last 2 days off running as I have been sick as a dog. May be related to the litre and a half of water I drank from the rain water tank on sunday. I was I’ll all last week too so it may also just be a progression from that.

Anyway, today I finally felt well enough for a jog around Lane Cove National Park. My stomach was still rumbling violently but I felt confident enough that I’d be able to make my way through the run. Touch and go towards the end but I made it home just in time…

18km all up in 1hr 25 (4.43’s). Legs still feeling a bit sore from smashing the downhills on Sunday. So the enforced rest probably did me some good. The hills on the run felt easy so I may be making some gains.

Wont be a big mileage week after my days off but I’ll look to run home from work tomorrow, have a good tempo run on Saturday then it’s the Footpoint Shoe Clinic trail 10km on Sunday. Should be great fun. Tough old course and certainly won’t be a quick time but I’m looking forward to the competition.

In other news I put in an order for 2 pairs of New Balance 110’s. Really excited about these. My 101’s are totally wrecked. I rotate 2 pairs all the time but they always seem to rip up the sides. Not an issue as the exchange rate is awesome.

The DVD ‘Unbreakable’ is also making its way to me. Will watch that the day before a big run. If that doesn’t pump me up then nothing will.

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