Explorers Tree to Pluvi Return

Had a great hit out with Ewan this morning on the 6ft Track. It was a beautiful morning in the mountains, a little soggy underfoot but not too bad really.

Ewan and I both have ambitions of ducking under 4hrs at 6ft so with that in mind we wanted to replicate race day without killing ourselves.

On race day 1hr 10 to the river looks about right. Today I swam across (yes, swam across!) in 1hr 14. Flew down Nellies fairly easily and it was a good cruise to the river. Happy days.

Again, on race day I want to be at the top of Pluvi in 2hrs 15 or thereabouts. Today we were at the top in 2hrs 31. A little off the pace but there was plenty left in the tank and I felt pretty fresh.

A fast downhill run back to Cox’s smashed my legs up nicely, then it was a tough slog back up Nellies to the finish in 5hrs 31 minutes. 2105 metres elevation gain in total and it wasn’t unnoticed.

A few people out running the Megalong Mega today but not a massive turnout. Pumped for race day now.

Biggest week of training for me since early November and all feels well. 112km’s in total which isn’t huge but I have no niggles and I’m feeling fit so no complaints.

Photo by Ewan!

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