Centennial Park Run

A run around Centennial Park this morning. Had planned for 2 hrs but ended up with only 1.5hrs as I didn’t want to keep Phill waiting too long in the car. Nothing to do with my fitness levels…..

I was looking to hit 4 minutes k’s consistently but I just struggled to find my rhythm. From 13-18 kilometres a guy called Matt ( I think) came over for a chat. He was running slower than me and I was more than happy to use this as an excuse to slow down for a good yarn. Turns out he is from Brazil and running his first ultra in May. I gave as much adevice as I could and I’m sure he’ll do well. He went off for water on 18km so I decided to hammer out the last 3 kilometres in 3.48, 3.48 and 4.01.

I’ll use this course as a fitness test a couple of times a month. The goal is to hit 35km’s averaging 3.57’s probably a month out from Gold Coast. I’ve got some work to do before then.


Centennial Park Run – Someone started chatting to me for a few km’s, by iangallagher16 at Garmin Connect – Splits.

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