Over- Assumptions

 In my last post I stated that I’d be up early on Wednesday for a tempo run looking to hit 3.45’s for around 13km. Well, I woke up early for planned run felt some soreness in the legs from Mondays session and promptly jumped back into bed. So Wednesday turned into a rest day. I keep reading that rest is important also….

Today I want to complete the above session. After a 2km warm up I hit the park and quickly realised that hitting 3.45’s for even 10kms wasn’t going to happen. A clear over estimation of my current ability. Anyway I adjusted my goals and reeled off a few k’s until my shin started to tighten up. I pushed on a little then jacked it in as I didnt want to do any damage. Reps are as follows:

  1. 3.55
  2. 3.51
  3. 3.51
  4. 3.50
  5. 3.39

I then ran a cool down for 20 minutes and finished up with a little over 11km for the day. 


I really need to work on my form as I definitely have a lazy style, heavy on my feet. The moment I lifted my legs and ran on my toes my paced increased. 


I’m happy enough with my progress. My 18 week marathon programme does start until March so until then I won’t be killing myself or stressing over times. 


With regards to 6ft Track Marathon and Mt Solitary I don’t have any particular training plan. I’ll definitely race them hard but I don’t expect anything spectacular to occur. It’s all good fun. 


One thing I need to work on is running in the morning. Once I have that ingrained in me I should be sorted. 

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