Strange Run Home

 Felt weak at 5km again tonight so stopped at circular quay and picked up a chocolate brownie and walked for 10 minutes. Became energised petty quickly and ran the rest of the way home. Averaged 4.58’s for the 13.7km. Really need to make my easy days easy. Have to be more strict as I don’t want to overreach. 


Last night was my first time back at NRG in about 5 months – and I felt it. The session was 6 by 3 minute repeats around a dead flat oval. Roughly 2.20 standing recovery which flew by. There were about 40 of us, all different speeds and we positioned ourselves around the oval so we all finished at the same mark on 3 minutes. So the faster guys ran further than the slower guys. Worked out quite well. 


Took me a little while to cotton on what to do but the laps went like this:


  1. .89km’s (3.14’s) – was positioned incorrectly and only ran for 2.53
  2. .89km’s (3.14’s) – again not positioned right so only did 2.53
  3. .96km’s (3.11’s) – overshot slightly running for 3.03
  4. .93km’s (3.17’s) – paced dropped. Previous one was too quick
  5. .93km’s (3.17’s) – feeling it…
  6. .94km’s (3.11’s) – ran for exactly 3 minutes. Finally got it!

Great session and felt smashed for it. Sam Walker was running and he is classy. I ran with him on rep 3 until he shot off towards the end. He’s looking good for 6ft. 


I definitely need to do these Monday sessions. I just wouldn’t push myself as hard otherwise. 


All up for Monday it was just over 22km’s after running to and from training. 


Tomorrow will be an early start as I want to get in a 13-15km tempo run at 3.45 ish pace. Will be beers after work so wo t have a chance then. 

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