Blue Mountains Morning Run

After a rude awakening by the fully functioning alarm clock at 2.15am I had a quick bit to eat and was out the door at 2.30am for the 5km jog up to Neutral Bay to get picked up by Marcus and the gang. It was already pretty humid at this stage and I had a good sweat up which woke me nicely.

Surprised to see no Buzz in the car. Apparently something about a malfunctioning alarm……but Vizey, Marcus and Russell were all good and present.

We met up with Brendan (recently selected to represent Australia in the 100km champs) and Ewan (winner of the 240km Coast to Kosci) and Dan (recent father of twins – the main reason for the unsociable time).

Stupidly I forgot my head torch so Brendan kindly lent me a pair. Just after 6 the torches were no longer needed as the sun started bursting through.

The pace was easy as everyone is slowly easing back into training after their various races from last year. We stopped every half hour or so to soak up the views. Just fantastic.

As we were heading along the roads from checkpoint 1 we somehow managed to lose Marcus and Russell and we didnt see them again till 10am. Sounds like they both had a good time though.

All up we ran for around 4hrs hitting 30km. Andrew and I explored a couple of trials whilst waiting for Marcus to return and we came across a massive rocky lookout with sheer drops. Unfortunately it was too foggy to see too far into the distance but we did spot about 5 cars that had been driven off the cliff.

Another 5km run for me to get home saw me hit 40km for the day which was just what I needed.

Some pictures of the day below. Group photo courtesy of Ewan.

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