Major Fail

Hit the local park with the aim of running 4x2km with 600m recovery. After bailing out yesterday and struggling through 15km’s instead I was keen to nail this one today.

The first repeat was covered off in 7.16 with the recover in 2.48. The second repeat was a tad quicker running a 7.09. I then set out for the 3rd repeat and came unstuck after 300m and bailed.

I’m clearly not fit enough for this type of pace just yet. I recovered pretty quickly but could feel my muscles tightening

up on the verge of cramping. If I had been with a group I would have probably nutted it out.

Next time I do these I think I’ll concentrate on hitting 7.20 consistently then work on taking it down. Probably a more sensible approach. I do feel as though I should be quicker though. Shouldn’t take too long if I train consistently.

In other news I foolishly accepted to beast myself this Saturday with Buzz and the Ultra168 boys. 50kms in the mountains should be a reasonable test of fitness. As will be the 3am meet. Who needs sleep anyway….

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