Just 5km’s in to my 13.7km run home I started to feel pretty terrible. Legs feeling shaky and not wanting to run anymore. I’ve been reading that this is possibly an iron deficiency as I lead a mainly vegetarian lifestyle. Not sure though. Or am I fat burning?? I have no idea.

Instead of jacking my run in like last week I decided to walk kilometre number 6 which I did in just over 8 minutes and I felt ok again. Today was a slow recovery run and I was trying to maintain 5 minute km’s. I ended up averaging 5.04’s in the end. Possibly went a little too quick at the start but felt fine once I was home. It’s a mystery why I’ve been feeling funny.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to hit the park for 4 x 2km repeats with 600m recovery. If I can hit 7 minutes for each rep I’ll be a happy man. Possibly a little too ambitious at this stage though.

2 thoughts on “Craptacular

  1. Did you eat any high GI food in the previous couple of hours? It sounds like mild hypoglycemia which can be caused by eating a high GI snack, which causes an insulin spike followed by a drop in blood sugar levels. I have had this several times before when I eat a muffin or slice of cake in the middle of the afternoon and then try to run home.

    • No, I know exactly what you mean but as a rule I won’t eat anything after 3 if I am running at 5. I eat really healthily at work so it’s strange. My missus is vegetarian so I’m wondering if I may be iron deficient as she does all the cooking……possibly should get checked up.

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