Training Summary

For some reason I haven’t been feeling great this week whilst out running. After just a few minutes running I’ve been coming over really lethargic with no energy in my legs. Very frustrating.

Monday and Tuesday were runs of around 16 and 14km and both required a lot of effort. Wednesday I pulled out of my usual run home at the harbour bridge having only run 5.5km. I just felt trashed. On Thursday I was fortunate enough to get out on a local trail but again pulled the pin early at 10km as I wasn’t enjoying myself, it just felt like too much of an effort.

Friday I took the day off to see if that would help. I had no great desire to run so it seemed like the best option.

On saturday morning I decided to change things up a little and set out to do 1km intervals around a local oval. The only time I have ever done anything similar was back in June in preparation for the M7 marathon. Back then I did 6 x 800m reps with 400m recovery. I recall being absolutely stuffed but really happy with myself.

My plan this time around was to do 10 repetitions with a 400 metre recovery between reps. I decided to set out relatively easy and try to maintain a decent clip without doing myself in. The reps are below:




Ideally if I do this regularly I should be hitting sub 3.20’s. My running recovery between reps averaged about 2mins which is a bit soft. 1.40 would look a lot better. Overall though I was pleased with this. Certainly hard to do these solo but well worth it. I lost count of my reps too and ended up doing 11 which was a nice bonus. If I can do these a few times a month I should notice the difference.

Today I ran to Mosman to do a recce of the Footpoint Shoe Clinic 10km trail race. Should be one fun race. Lots of stairs and some gnarly descents. Good to see Buzz on my return excited about his upcoming race in Japan.

All up I hit 90.5km in 6hrs 58mins this week. Not too dreadful but I hope next week sees me back to proper fitness. All I can think of is that I’ve been jet lagged this week. That has to play a part.

In other news Mick Donges smashed the 2 Bays Trail run today taking out first place and a course record along the way. This guy is going places.

One thought on “Training Summary

  1. Hi Ian,

    The HuRT squad is certainly open to everyone and you can get on the mailing list by sending an email to

    The sessions are typically a longer interval/fartlek session on Tuesdays and shorter faster (VO2)session on Thursdays. Monday and Friday are 13-15k “recovery” runs and Wednesday is a 19k MLR.

    The standard is very high at the front – 32min 10k runners so you won’t be short of a bit of motivation – and the back end is around 42min 10k standard.

    Hope to see you there.


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