December training update

Just a quick update on my training. Not much to say here as I haven’t done a great deal since I flew across the world to spend Christmas and New Years with the family. Besides the lack of any trails in the area and the freezing wet weather, I’ve been spending the large portion of my time overindulging – which is how it should be at this time of year.

Having said all that, I have managed to squeeze in some short runs here and there. Whilst they haven’t been of any real length the intensity has generally been good.

Some stats on my few runs below:

22nd – 14.15km, 58.40 (4.08’s)
24th – 10.61km, 44.23 (4.11’s)
27th – 5km, 34.06 (6.48’s) ran with my sister then did another lap below
27th – 5km, 18.39 (3.43’s)
30th – 11km, 44.40 (4.03’s)

Not long now till first of January. This is when my new years resolution of never having more than 2 alcoholic drinks per day kicks in. Not that I drink every day but when I do I’ll be limiting myself to just 2. My body is going to love me for this. I’ll probably no longer be invited to any social gatherings after broadcasting this but it needs to be done.

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