This week I’ve been doing my usual 13.7km or so run home each evening.

On Monday I felt great and made it home in around 55 minutes which happens to be a course record for me.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I purposely ran home easy paced in just over an hour. Both runs felt great.

Today however was a different story. I set off at an easy pace but soon started to feel rough. Running felt hard and to be honest it wasnt very enjoyable. I had sweat pouring over me and my heart rate was far too high for the pace. I took a few walking breaks and even bought a snickers to get myself back on track.

I made it home and feel fine now but tomorrow will be a rest day. I certainly don’t feel overstrained I just suspect it was just an off day.


My thoughts this weekend will be with the guys smashing themselves on the Coast to Kosciusko epic run. With any luck the course record will fall.


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