The 6 Foot Track

This morning I excitedly signed up for my first attempt at racing the 6 Foot Track 45km marathon.

Registration for non-guaranteed entrants opened at 9am and immediately the servers were experiencing an overload as I franticly had to refresh my page at least 10 times to get to the registration page. Fortunately it seems I was able to successfully register so now I have this great race to look forward to next March.

This race has been running in Australia since 1984 and seems to be on most runners bucket list in NSW.

The race record of 3.15 was set by Ben Artup in 2009 and the only other person to have come close since was Alex Matthews in 2010 when he ran a blistering 3.20.

The women’s record stands at 3.37 set by Emma Murray in 2006. This incredible time has stood for 5 years and will take an amazing athlete to break it.

This beautiful course climbs a total of 1528 metres and descends a total of 1788 metres, essentially meaning this is a downhill course – which is a little misleading. The course profile below shows what I mean.

Only a handful of people manage to break 4 hours each year and that is what I’ll be gunning for.


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