A Strong Run Home

Since moving to North Willoughby my standard run home has now increased from 11km to 13-14km depending on the route.

This week I eased back into my running after doing practically nothing for 2 weeks post GNW100. I was itching to get back into it and couldnt wait to run home.

Monday saw me struggle home (13.8km – the slower route) in 64.5 minutes. I started off well then after 2km’s I found myself in a world of pain. Despite slowing the pace i couldn’t keep my heart rate down and ran most of the run in the 180 range. I finished up a beaten man averaging a 4.41min/km pace. The heat no doubt played a part but looking back I clearly went out too hard.

Tuesday was more of the same. I started slow from the start but struggled again towards home. There is a reasonably long hill at the top of Willoughby Road which seems to just sap my strength. I ran the quicker shorter route up Pacific Highway (13.2km) in 64 minutes averaging a 4.52min/km pace and felt pretty stuffed. It was another warm evening.

Wednesday I took my kit into work but then decided to take a rest day. I’m not in serious training mode right now so no need to kill myself. I should have hit the gym but had half a bottle of wine instead. I love summer!

Tonights run was the longer harder route. I wore my Brooks Adrenaline as opposed to the minimal footwear I had used on my previous 2 runs. I felt instantly quicker and more efficient and I felt great the whole run. I decided to push it to squeeze in under an hour. I started a little closer to work than I normally do so the distance was 13.94km. My splits were as follows:

Lap 1 – 3.55
Lap 2 – 3.57
Lap 3 – 4.17
Lap 4 – 4.14
Lap 5 – 4.06
Lap 6 – 4.33 ( up 4 flights of stairs from circular quay to harbour bridge)
Lap 7 – 3.57
Lap 8 – 4.28
Lap 9 – 4.57 (up a long steep hill, normally reduces me to tears)
Lap 10 – 4.15
Lap 11 – 3.58
Lap 12 – 3.52
Lap 13 – 4.37 (north Willoughby hill, soft I know..)
Lap 14 – 3.58 (average pace for the 1km split)

All up I made it home in 58 minutes 58 seconds averaging 4.13min/km.

Really pleased with this run. Felt easier and way more fun than my previous efforts. My heart rate monitor wasn’t working so unfortunately I don’t have that data but I’m guessing I averaged late 160’s early 170’s which is fine.

I’ll try and better this time once a week. Anymore than that will be asking for trouble.

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