Best run ever!

I wont bore you with a weekly summary as i havent even hit 100km for the week, this being as its only my first proper week of running since TNF100 just over 2 weeks ago.

Today however I had what felt like the most enjoyable run ever. The route is just over 12.7km and is out and back over a fairly rough and hilly trail with 3 deep streams through it.

I last run this about 6 months ago in a then record time of 1hr 1minute and 30 seconds.

Today I just felt awesome and everything fell into place. I felt like i was flying the whole way apart from when i stacked it 2km in and shredded my body to ribbons – just a minor hiccup in what was otherwise the perfect run for me.

I made it to the fininsh in 54 minutes and 57 seconds shaving over 6 minutes off my previous time. With over 250 metres of elevation on this short run i felt like this was a pretty solid effort.

Feels good to be back!

3 thoughts on “Best run ever!

  1. Nice work mate, love it when it all just goes well. Takes me back to when I used to run that track, just awesome scenery and if the weather's good it doesn't get much better. Especially smashing it on the downhill from the electricity substation – always used to be on the edge of control down there!Good to hear of someone else stacking it for a change too 🙂

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