Finally Running Again

At last im back to good health and running again. My hip feels good enough to run on so ive been easing myself back nice and slowly. I’ve made a conscious effort not go crazy so im sensibly upping the mileage little by little.

Last week i managed 60.75km with my longest run being 25km on the Great North Walk track. Really rough going, hot and not good running .Took 4hrs but i felt awesome afterwoods.
This week i managed slightly more – 80.5km. Longest run being a 29.5km effort after work on Thursday.
I had planned to wake up this morning and clip of 40km but once i woke the motivation wasnt there. I also got badly burnt on my run the previous day so i just didnt fancy going out in it. So i hit the gym instead and concentrated on some hip strengthening and plyometrics.
The plan next week is to start my morning runs again followed up with my runs home.
Bit gutted as well as I was too late posting my entry for the Centennial Park 100km event in February. I had set my sights on this but will have to find something else to do instead. Could have been too soon to race after my injury anyway so its probably not a bad thing.

5 thoughts on “Finally Running Again

  1. Hi Paul,Cheers mate. You'll do fine at the marathon. Just gotta remain injury free.Ive run the 6ft track when I was camping in the blue mountains. I did it as a training run for the north face 100. But it wasnt on race day. However its a cracking course, absolutely lovely. Slow going, took about 4 and a half hours but great fun. You setting your sights on that next year?

  2. Hey Ian – glad the hip is finally coming good. Hope you've had a great training week and this heat is smashing you up too much – January running around Sydney is brutal with the humidity. I'm struggling on each run with the sweat pouring off me šŸ™‚

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