End of 2010

Well i havent blogged for some time due to my hip injury, so there has been practically no running in December. Very little gym work too….

2010 stats are as follows:
2090 stats in red:

2806km – 252hrs – 63,355 metres of elevation, 173, 130 calories burnt.
683km – 60hrs – 22,373 metres of elevation, 46,365 calories burnt.

So not big mileage by any standard. I was fairly inconsistent and had a couple of months of zero running due to injury. Hopefully 2011 will see me build on that.

This year i’d like to achieve a sub 3hr marathon, achieve a sub 10hr 100km time and complete my first 100 miler.

Lots of things to aim towards and look forward too.

Meanwhile, the last 2 days i have managed a 6km and a 10km run with no hip pain! Very pleased but im cautious to take it easy. Will be looking to build on this and hopefully in the next couple of weeks get my mileage back up to where it should be.

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