Very Short Weekly Summary 15/11/10 – 21/11/10

The week started off perfectly well apart from a strange moment on Thursday when my body decided that it certainly didnt want to run home, instead opting to pull out after 5km, eat a muffin and jump on a train whilst sweating profusely….

Went to bed on Saturday with every intention of cracking out a 30km the next morning. Woke up on Sunday and the urge to get up early and run was not there. Instead I issued myself with another rest day and proceeded to use my time to over indulge in food and beer…hence the short blog.

Overall – 102.8km – 8 runs – 8hrs 07mins

Next saturday morning is the Glenbrook Trail Marathon. Apparently one should expect to add on another 15 or 20 minutes to their Fitzroy Falls Marathon time as a rough indicator. With that in mind, i hope to come in sub 3:30 depending on weather. If its stinking hot I wont have a chance and i’ll just make sure i run a sensible race and enjoy the scenery and company.

The plan for the week is to really rest up. The taper has already started given todays rest day and I shouldnt expect to run more than 30/40 km all week.

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