A Hopeless Week

This week hasnt been great for running. I have been struggling with shin issues so have only had the chance to really run a couple of times. Low mileage but i guess this is what i needed/

Nothing much to report. Yesterdays run was positive. Good to get back on the trails and my shins were ok once i had warmed up. The plan this week is to take it easy so im in ok shape for the marathon on saturday.

Monday – rest
Tuesday – 10.3km – 47min 48sec – road (vibram 5 fingers)
Wednesday – 5km – 23min 30sec – road (run cut short as shins were really hurting)
Thursday – rest
Friday – rest
Saturday – 24.39km – 2hr 6mins – trail/road (felt fit, shins sore at start but felt better as i warmed up. Ran on some real slow technical trail which probably helped then picked up the speed where i could. Felt more confident that i can make it through the marathon than i did at the start of the week)
Sunday – rest

Total – 39.81km – 3hrs, 17mins


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