Where can i buy these shoes?

I’m really keen for a pair of new lightweight trail running shoes. I have seen the New Balance MT100 and MT101’s and I was wondering if anyone has any idea where to purchase them in Australia?

I dont believe the MT101’s have been released yet and im pretty sure the MT100’s cannot be bought over here but im just putting the feelers out.

Tuesday Run – 20.3km – road – 1hr 37 mins 47 sec (PB for this course home! Second night in a row!!)
Fuel = 1 banana
Fluid = 500ml water

Wednesday Run – 20.08km – road – 1hr 44mins 58 secs (went slow today, tendons sore, didnt want to push it – rest tomorrow)
Fuel = 1 banana after 9km
Fluid = 500ml water

3 thoughts on “Where can i buy these shoes?

  1. Hey, I was really interested in the 100s too so I contacted NB Aus and they said they are discontinued. I think the 101s come out in October but not sure when they would hit Aus.

  2. hey Ianhttp://www.zombierunner.com/Try this store. they are in the states but they should tke less than two weeks to get them to you. Because our dollar is so good they will cost $75 plus some postage. I ordered mine this week and the total was $106. Thats cheap. For some reason the Mt 100s and 101s are not sold in Aus.

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