Run home in Vibram 5 Fingers

Ran the 20.3km home in my 5 fingers tonight. Concrete concrete and more concrete. Sore on the balls of my feet but overall fine. Managed to keep my feet in tact and didnt kick any upturned paving slabs which is positive!

The inclines today felt easy as they always do when i wear the 5 fingers. Legs felt great and i managed to record my fastest time home ever  1hr 40mins 10sec.

Fuel = 1 banana after 9km
Fluid = 500ml of water

This last month has been my highest month of mileage ever and i feel better than ever. No signs of fatigue, body seems to be holding up pretty well.

One thought on “Run home in Vibram 5 Fingers

  1. nice work Ian.Consistent training is one of the most important factors of improving overall stamina and fitness. Although I am not a barefoot runner per se. I do believe that some barefoot it ultimately good because it forces you to be a better runner helping you learn correct form and listen to the body.A great start to the week.

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