The Week So Far..

Since my fast (for me) run on Saturday my calfs have felt unusually sore along with my achilles on my left leg. I dont really notice it until I am actually out the door and running. I seem to loosen up after 7-8km then the running becomes easier.

Monday – 20.5km road – 1hr 44mins
Tuesday – 20.3km road – 1hr 44mins
Wednesday – rest EDIT 9.12km trail run in vibram 5 fingers – 44.44sec
Ah the lure of the trails!

Forcing myself to take a rest day today. My legs actually feel the best they have all week but after 4 days and over 90km of running im sure i could benefit from a day off.

Will look to run again tomorrow as i will only be at my girlfriends parents place for another week so i need to take advantage of the good running distance between work and home.

Question: Who else takes advantage of stretching out their calf muscles whilst standing on escalators?

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