Wow, what a run!!

This evening I ran a hilly 12.7km trail run that I like to time myself on just for fun.

I’ve only run it 3 times before today and the results are:

22nd August – 66min 57 secs (ran in 5 fingers)

25th August – 66min 44 secs (ran in 5 fingers)

31st August – 67min 51 secs (ran in running shoes)

Today 61min 34 secs (ran in 5 fingers)

A huge improvement! Surprising after running almost 120km last week. I didnt set out to run as fast as I did, however when the garmin beeped 4.30 for the 1st km and 4.46km for the 2nd, I thought I’d give it ago.

I knew I was on for a fast time when I reached the turnaround point in 31mins 24 secs.

Such a stony course that you really have to concentrate where you are placing your feet. My feet feel like they have had a good massage. The plus side of wearing the 5 fingers is that you can really get some decent footing on the hills and power up them. Downhills isnt so fun..

I left my HRM at work today which is a shame as it would have been interesting to see the results. However, I think if i was wearing it then i may not have run so fast as i would have been horrified at how hard i was working!!!

Great to have achieved this today. I did set my alarm to wake up early to do this but lacked the motivation to crawl out of bed. Seemed to have paid off!

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