Since last Saturday I have managed 5 runs. Amazing! This was something I didnt think possible after being in an ITB depressed state since May 15th. Each run was actually better than the last so im delighted. Still not out of the dark yet and im very apprehensive about pushing it too much. Having said that i’ve been doing some fairly speedy hill runs and ive been feeling good.

I did my first run in my new orthotics yesterday. Nothing much to say about them really. Felt different and I actually had a few twinges on my other leg which was worrying but was just a short 5.5km run so no damage done. I think i’ll continue to run in my vibram 5 fingers and save my orthotics for my longer runs.

No running today or tomorrow but will get some in over the weekend. Next week i’ll kick myself into gear and begin running in the mornings, that way i’ll have no excuses not to run. I plan to document all my runs on here as much as possible so I shall keep you posted.



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